Match your Bugatti Baby II with a limited edition, hand-crafted CMC model

Match your Bugatti Baby II with a limited edition, hand-crafted CMC model

The Perfecr Pair

The Little Car Company has partnered with CMC Models to offer clients the unique opportunity to own a limited edition set
A fitting partnership, with both The Little Car Company and CMC paying tribute to the iconic Bugatti Type 35
In homage to CMC’s Nation Colours project, the Bugatti Baby II is now available in a range of nations liveries, including USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Monaco

Both the Bugatti Baby II and matching CMC model are beautifully hand-assembled
Scaled at 1:18, the CMC models are an authentic replication to perfectly complement your Bugatti Baby II


The Little Car Company has partnered with CMC Models to offer clients the unique opportunity to own a beautifully hand-crafted scale model of their Bugatti Baby II.

Clients who purchase their Bugatti Baby II in one of a select few liveries will receive one of CMC Models’ limited edition, hand-made models, celebrating the iconic status of the inimitable Bugatti Type 35.

The Bugatti Baby II is built in partnership with the famous French marque and is a 75% scale, contemporary tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s original Type 35 masterpiece from 1926. The fully electric vehicle was developed by The Little Car Company in partnership with Bugatti to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the iconic brand, preserving the history of Bugatti while simultaneously encouraging a new generation of Bugatti enthusiasts.

Much like the Bugatti Baby II itself, the scale model is carefully assembled using over 930 parts, flawlessly replicating the stunning intricate details of the Bugatti Type 35. The liveries are a nod to CMC Models’ nations colour project, which wraps the models in beautiful liveries that celebrate the colours of a selection of countries with a rich racing heritage. The International Motorsport Commission chose the national colours for the participating racing teams so that the public could easily distinguish the vehicles, illuminating race tracks with colour and vibrancy.

Even the finest details of the original Bugatti Type 35 have been carefully examined and replicated in the scaled models of CMC. From the metal starting crank handle, which physically turns and rotates, right down to the metallic finished dashboard and real leather seats, every element of the model Type 35 is minutely considered.

And just like the CMC models, the nations colour Bugatti Baby IIs have been adorned with period details such as unique exterior paintwork, hand-painted racing numbers or even a rope-bound steering wheel.

The nations which Bugatti Baby II customers can spec their vehicle to and receive a matching CMC Model include Germany, France, USA, Belgium, Netherlands and Monaco.

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, said: “The Bugatti Baby II is a car steeped in history and racing pedigree, and for those lucky enough to own one, receiving an exquisitely crafted scaled CMC model simply adds to the prestige of ownership.

“By partnering with CMC Models, we have been able to share our passion for building exciting, scaled cars with a provenance to match its beauty and driving experience. CMC Models embody the attention to detail that we pride ourselves on, and through the values that we both reflect, we are able to offer owners of a Bugatti Baby II a fascinating handcrafted model of their new purchase.

“Wherever it holds pride of place, be that your mantlepiece or desk, a glance at your CMC model will serve as an invitation to get behind the wheel of your complementing Bugatti Baby II once again.”

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