Clio Ice Trophy expands for 2024

Clio Ice Trophy expands  for 2024

Following the resounding success of its first two seasons, the Clio Ice Trophy is expanding for 2024. The category that brings together ambitious young drivers and more experienced competitors from all horizons will return with a host of new features for a third campaign that promises to be more intense, spectacular and full of action!

Building on the proven reliability, versatility and performance of Clio Rally5 and Clio RX, the Clio Ice Trophy has been warmly welcomed by motorsport actors wanting to keep their driving skills sharp at a time of year when activity is generally low and at low costs. After crowning Romain Di-Fante and Dylan Dufas in a field of rally, rallycross and circuit racers, the trophy will retain the elements that have made it such a success while adding a few changes intended to make it even more compelling. 

Still run as part of the GSeries, the benchmark for ice racing, the Clio Ice Trophy will now be organised by Driveland. A promoter renowned for its excellent work on the four Clio Rally5 trophies in Spain, the Spanish structure will provide the discipline with its extensive expertise in terms of organisation, logistics and support. 

As proof of the success of this fledgling competition, this season the drivers will have more track time while taking up residence in the garages of the main building at the Pas de la Casa Circuit, which will continue to host the four rounds of the calendar, with as many different configurations of the highest permanent track in the world. 

On the racing front, there will be a few adjustments, starting with the requirement for two drivers to share a car to keep costs down. Each driver will be entitled to a maximum of three 20-lap private practice sessions between 1 December 2023 and the last 2024 Clio Ice Trophy race. To make the discovery of or transition to this new surface easier, competitors will have the opportunity to take part in these sessions in the form of ice driving lessons with Circuit Andorra, the owner of the Andorran track.

In addition to this new feature, each meeting will now open with seven laps of free practice before two six-lap qualifying sessions. Q1 will set the starting grid for the finals while Q2 will award intermediate points according to the 15-13-11-9-7-5-4-3-2-1 points system. Late in the day, the protagonists will battle in the A and B Finals over six laps with a points system of 25-21-17-14-11-8-5-3-2-1 at the finish. All results will count to determine Dylan Dufas' successor at the end of the season. 

Like all competitions dedicated to Renault Clio, Driveland and Alpine Racing will provide privileged support and ensure fairness in both sporting and technical terms. The prize system will be even more attractive by being upgraded with the backing of long-standing partners Castrol, Michelin and Sabelt. The top six finishers in each round will be rewarded. The eventual winner will receive a Michelin prize and an entry to complete one of the Clio Trophy rallying season. The second and third-place finishers will also be rewarded with entries into the rallying world.

This formula has already attracted more than a dozen competitors. Last year's winner with Dylan Dufas, RX Evolution will defend its crown with one car at the disposal of the title holder while WRM by Chanoine Motorsport / SRD Racing will field two cars in a bid for revenge after losing out on the title. Spanish teams Brunet Competition, Driveland and Puzzle Motorsport - with two Clios - will also be back, joined by their countrymen from CG Motorsport. Lastly, the Corsican team Casanova Sport Auto will take up the challenge with two duos after their promising campaign in the 2023 Clio Trophy France.

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2024 Calendar
13 January – GSeries G1
20 January – GSeries G2
3 February – GSeries G3
10 February – GSeries G4
24 February – Reserve date if one of the previous rounds is postponed.

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