Killer Plum Crazy Purple '71 ‘Cuda selling @ Worldwide Auctioneers

Killer Plum Crazy Purple '71 ‘Cuda selling @ Worldwide Auctioneers

The Scottsdale Auction | January 26

1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440-6  -  Factory C7 Plum Crazy over black interior
A low production, highly desirable Track Pak, numbers-matching muscle car
Thoroughly documented by the original broadcast sheet, original purchase documents, and Galen Govier Report
Comprehensive rotisserie restoration by Jeff's Resurrections in Taylor, Texas
1 of only 108 four-speed cars built in 1971

A pony car manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation from 1964 through 1974, the Plymouth Barracuda was offered in three distinct generations. The most desirable and recognizable of them all was the third generation, which were built from 1970 to 1974. Not only were they the most aesthetically pleasing versions, but they were also offered with one of the hottest engines ever placed in an American automobile, the 440 "Six-Pack" V-8. The advertised rating was 385 horsepower, but this was a complete fabrication by Chrysler, as the real horsepower rating was probably somewhere well north of 400 horsepower. In total, 6,228 'Cuda Hardtops were built and installation of this power plant by any definition was rare, as just 237 in all 'Cuda production for 1971 chose the 440-6 V-8, and fewer combined it with the four-speed manual transmission.

Sold new by Brewer Chrysler Plymouth Inc. in Auburn, Washington, this factory high-impact C7 Plum Crazy 'Cuda has been thoroughly documented and cared for since new through a succession of prominent owners. Documented by its original broadcast sheet and original purchase documents, it was ordered new with the action-packed 385 horsepower 440-cubic-inch 3-2-barrel V-8 powerplant and four-speed manual transmission, both of which remain today and are in top shape. The combination of engine and transmission makes this a rare car, as it is 1 of only 108 four-speed cars built in 1971. The original owner must have wanted this 'Cuda to be a force to reckon with on the streets, as he checked the box for the A01 light package, A33 Track Pak, and the A62 Rallye instrument cluster. Other notable factory options include a woodgrain console, AM Music Master radio, and chrome exhaust tips.

This special 'Cuda resided in prominent muscle car collections in Texas and Oklahoma and it was given a no-expense-spared, comprehensive rotisserie restoration by noted Mopar experts at Jeff's Resurrections in Taylor, Texas. The facility's owner, Jeff Snyder, stated that this car had one of the most solid undersides that he had seen, completely original and, most importantly, rust-free. Likewise, the rest of the car was completely original and free of rust prior to the restoration with all the original body panels that had never been off the car until the restoration. The current West Coast owner acquired this 440-6 'Cuda from Worldwide Auctioneers in 2010 and has fastidiously maintained it as is evident today. Few miles have been added to this muscle car since the restoration and it presents exceptionally well and would perform at a very high level at muscle car events. Importantly, this 'Cuda is accompanied by its original broadcast sheet, original purchase order documents, owner's manuals, and a thoroughly detailed 27-page visual inspection report by Galen V. Govier stating how correct, authentic, and original this example is.

Thoroughly documented, beautifully restored, and lovingly maintained its entire life, this numbers-matching factory Plum Crazy 440-6 four-speed Track Pak 'Cuda, with its array of factory options that makes it a rare find among its peers, is offered from one of the final years of truly great muscle cars and the lowest production year of the venerable 'Cuda.

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