Jaguar C-X75 to lead London Concours’ Hypercar display this June

Jaguar C-X75 to lead London Concours’ Hypercar display this June

London Concours to celebrate wonderful world of Hypercars this June
Show will kick off in just over a month’s time, with hypercar class led by stunning Jaguar C-X75 concept
Examples from Bugatti, Pagani, McLaren, Koenigsegg and Zenvo also to star
Eighth annual London Concours to run from the 4th to 6th of June at the Honourable Artillery Company near Old Street

The London Concours has announced that this June’s show – now just over a month away – will feature a celebration of the most outlandish, evocative cars of all: the hypercars.


Presented in partnership with Apollo Capital, the display will bring together the hallowed creations that have consistently pushed the envelope of what’s possible in terms of performance, engineering and design - inspiring and enthralling legions of car fans in the process. The hypercar class will sit at the centre of this summer’s show, which will run from the 4th to 6th of June at the Honourable Artillery Company, nestled in the heart of the city.


At the centre of the Hypercar display this June will be a creation that captured the imagination of British petrol heads in a way few other cars have: the legendary Jaguar C-X75 prototype. Unveiled in 2010, and produced in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, the C-X75 was a hypercar for the future, an all-wheel drive, plug in hybrid machine. It was powered by a Formula 1 inspired, all-aluminium 1.6-litre, turbo and supercharged four-cylinder motor which produced a remarkable 502bhp at a stratospheric 10,000 rpm. The feral engine was supplemented by a potent pair of power dense electric motors which gave instant torque, whilst also enabling it to travel up to 60km in pure electric mode.


Combined outputs for the concept were rated at 850bhp and 738lb/ft of torque, enough to propel the C-X75 from 0-60mph in under 3 seconds, 0-100mph in under 6 seconds, and on to a top speed of 220mph. The car on display this June featured in the James Bond film “Spectre” and has recently been made road legal by legendary designer Ian Callum’s firm, friends and partners of the Concours, CALLUM.  It is the only road going C-X75 in the world and remains one of the finest examples of British engineering brilliance.


The display will feature another celebrated British Hypercar, the remarkable McLaren P1. When launched back in 2013 the 903bhp, 217 mph P1 was unlike anything the world had seen before, with violent performance thanks to a 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 and potent electric motor. With active rear wing extended fully and working in tandem with the slashed and vented bodywork, the P1 could generate 600kg of downforce at 160 mph, helping it lap the Nürburgring in under 7 minutes. June’s show will feature the very car that set that Nürburgring lap time, the famous factory development prototype P1 ‘XP2R’. A rare public appearance for one of the most significant examples of a true hypercar great.


It wouldn’t be a hypercar display without the car, that for many, still defines the genre: the Bugatti Veyron. The brainchild of VAG boss Ferdinand Piech, the Veyron was launched to the world after a lengthy gestation period in 2003. It delivered performance that seemed genuinely unfathomable for a road car, with over 1000bhp from its 8-litre, quad-turbo W16 engine, and a top speed of over 250mph. It allied all this performance with total refinement, being no more demanding to drive than a VW Golf. A machine that altered what we perceived to be possible in road car performance.


The London Concours will also welcome Sweden’s wild Koenigsegg CCXR to the Honourable Artillery Company – the only right hand drive, manual example in existence. The CCXR was powered by an immense 4.7-litre twin-supercharged V8 engine, putting out 1,032hp and 782lb/ft of torque. These were sent to the rear wheels only. It also stood out for its green credentials: the CCXR could run on E85 and E100 ethanol, as well as conventional petrol. When fuelled by the former, emissions were reduced, while performance was actually enhanced. The CCXR could hit over 250mph flat out, making it a match for the mighty Veyron.


The glorious Pagani Zonda will also be on show – in perhaps its ultimate guise: the bewinged, track-honed Revolución. Based on the Zonda R, the Revolución ranks as one of the most dramatic looking hypercars ever created. Just five examples were built, featuring a mid-mounted Mercedes-Benz AMG built 6.0-litre V12, producing a staggering 800bhp and 538lb/ft, and a life-affirming V12 cry. One of the great engines of all time. June’s show will offer a rare opportunity to examine this Italian automotive wonder, which, thanks to its scarcity, is extremely sought after by collectors. This particular example is particularly special, being the only road going Revolución in the world.


The hypercar display will be rounded off by the Zenvo TSR-S, one of the most extreme exponents of the breed to emerge in recent years. Powered by a twin-supercharged GM-based 5.8-litre V8, the Danish Zenvo produces an eye-watering 1,177bhp, driving through a motorsport style sequential gearbox. This particular TSR-S belongs to noted automotive personality Tim Burton, AKA “Shmee150”, who opted for the rare “power pack” option boosting the engine further to a monumental 1,360bhp. The TSR-S also features perhaps the most dramatic rear wing to be fitted to a hypercar, an active system that ‘leans’ laterally when cornering, as well as pitching fore and aft, aiding stability, braking or top speed depending on the scenario. A hypercar pioneer, and a brand to certainly watch in the future.


Andrew Evans, Managing Director, London Concours, said: “Our show is renowned for assembling the most jaw dropping display of machinery and this June’s show is going to be no different. In just over a month’s time, we’ll bring all manner of exotic cars to the HAC, and this Hypercar display is a feature that we’re particularly excited about. It will demonstrate just what the world’s most talented automotive engineers are capable of when they’re let loose, showcasing the most fantastic range of automotive designs and technology in the process. It’s certainly a feature that fans of performance cars aren’t going to want to miss.”


Beyond the cars, guests to the Honorary Artillery Company will be treated to a decadent range of food and drink options – including the all-day Club Concours hospitality experience, engaging live stage discussions, as well as a carefully selected line-up of luxury brands and boutiques. London Concours 2024 is set to be another unforgettable occasion of automotive indulgence.

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