Virgin F1 test drivers gain experience with FV10

Virgin F1 test drivers gain experience with FV10

FV10 successfully complete second Driver experience

Top photo features Andy Soucek – current F2 Champion, gaining miles and experience in FV10 car

Virgin Racing’s Test/reserve drivers Luiz Razia and Andy Soucek rack up more miles in FV10’s 06 F1 Car in Southern Spain

Earlier this week a total of 350 laps were completed over 2 days in difficult conditions due to the extreme heat, with ambient temperatures reaching 38C and track temperatures as high as 63C.

The test was completed by both drivers using several different circuit variations at the wheel of the newly developed FV10 car, in a series of 10 lap timed runs with no reliability issues in the extreme conditions.  Next test is scheduled for mid June.

FV10’s ‘Driver experience’ programme is the supply and running of interim F1 cars allowing drivers to gain F1 experience without contravening any of the current test restrictions or regulations.Based on 2006 Super Aguri chassis’s powered by Cosworth’s 2006 TJ series V10 are designed built, prepared and run by FV10’s team of highly experienced ex-F1 personnel headed up by Tim Preston. Tyres especially developed for the FV10 programme are supplied by Avon

More information on FV10 can be found on the Cars International web link below - we understand that if you want the ultimate F1 driver experience in the latest possible F1 car outside the paddock and you have had a bit of training - you don't have to be an aspiring GP driver to have a go - so give them a call!

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