Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini LM002
Lamborghini Wycombe - the official Lamborghini service dealership of the Modena Group - after 2400 hours work - are putting the finishing touches on what is indisputably the best Lamborghini LM002 in existence.

A good customer of Lamborghini Wycombe has had this car for sometime and decided that if the car was going to be restored - why not go to town and go for it and this LM002 is the result.

Every single component, nut and bolt has either been restored or remanufactured and the attention to detail is significantly better than when this king of the school run 4x4's left the factory.

In fact the Lamborghini factory have followed the restoration with interest as a number of the parts on the car are now obsolete and Lamborghini Wycombe have shared drawings of parts they have made - where they no longer exist.

I have seen this car - Racecar's Caterham Cosworth BDG powered 7 resides at the same workshop - and the quality of the work is stunning.

Modena have looked after 6 or 7 LM002 models and ran 2 of them in the 2005 Gumball Rally.

We have built a mini-site to showcase the restoration - and there are about 150 photos of the restoration progress on the link below.

I think these are very cool cars - much like a G-Wagen with a V8 in it - if you have to ask the question "Why?" - you are probably better off with a Prius...

Click here for the Lamborghini LM002 web site - designed and built by Racecar