BMW M3 CSL For Sale

BMW M3 CSL For Sale

I put my hand up to being a BMW freak having had a few M3's, 2002 tii with race engine, a trick supercharged E30 2.7 - see video - - an old sharknose e21 323i (RIP)- currently as a daily driver use an E90 V8 M3 - but at some stage I do need to get BMW M3 CSL as a toy.

The CSL has long had cult status - go and check some of the youtube videos of the car on track to see why. They sound ridiculously  operatic and handle beautifully - had a go in my cousin's CSL he bought earlier this year and the drive did nothing to diminish my passion for the model.

Interestingly for those of us who cannot afford to participate in the current classic Ferrari boom where you need a big pile of chips to play - at a more modest end of the classic market - CSL's are not dropping in value and 20k for some time has been the starting point for cars with high mileage or had a hard life. At the other end of the scale - low mileage mint cars with full history are double that from a dealer - which brings us to this mint example from Racecar customer - Hexagon Moderns - a division of Hexagon BMW.

Philip Kyriacou has sold a number of CSL's recently which have sold to clients before they have gone on their web site - so this is  the first one which has actually gone on their site.

Yes it is at the top of the market - but at 20,100 miles must be one of the lowest mileage CSL's left and it comes from Hexagon - who have sold many of these limited production cars from new. It has had a full BMW inspection and has a warranty and really is mint - got a rather cool model related plate too...

Details on the car here -

Call Philip Kyriacou on 0208 444 111 for full information on the car.

Look at the prices of E30 M3's now - I think as a fun quick reasonably modern drivers car - these CSL's are in a different league - and compared to some of the very strong money some of the limited edition E30 derivatives are fetching - an absolute steal...