Talbot Lotus Sunbeam for sale

Ok - after the RM exotica fest on Wednesday night where unless you have got a six figure budget there is no point travelling to Battersea - it's time to get back to earth - Kings Lynn in fact...

..which is where Anglia Auctions will be hosting an auction this saturday. Among the sub 10k morsels - I have noticed a couple of oddball cheap historic regularity/rally cars from VW and Lancia on offer and also this rather appealing slightly dog eared Talbot Lotus Sunbeam.

I have a particular affinity for these cars - as a 10 year old I watched the legend that was Henri Toivonen beat all the Ford works stars in his works Lotus Sunbeam - the angles that he got that car to drive at made Vatanen look conservative in his driving style...

A subsequent passenger ride in a local rally driver's road Lotus sunbeam by the name of Colin Short - sealed my affinity for this hooligan car of choice.

As an obnoxious 15 year old - I insisted my mother took the left field company car choice - and bought a series 2 moonstone blue Talbot Sunbeam Lotus - with Skip Brown Exhaust/LSD and Minilite copies. Practicing driving at Eelmoor driving centre overtaking nervous learners in Micras was a monthly passion to be indulged every month on weekends home from school. (As a 15 year old driving to and from the driving centre without a licence nor my mother's permission would probably be a hanging offence today)

Anyway - the car on offer below seems to be a series 1 with a Ti front air dam - and doubtless will need more spending on it than the total project would be worth but its got me reminiscing - and caused me to waste an hour at work...it's a good job that Kings Lynn is a bloody long way from Guildford - otherwise I could be quite easily tempted to have a look...

1981 LOTUS SUNBEAM - Lot 69

Recently unearthed from long term storage. The vendor describes the car as a good solid example that runs and drives but will probably require some degree of recommissioning. The car displays 57594 on the odometer and has an extensive service history record

ESTIMATE: 5750-7500


if you really want a Sunbeam Lotus - go here - http://www.sunbeamlotus.com/the-club/cars-for-sale

Henri Toivonen Talbot Lotus Sunbeam video below: