Audi Sport Quattro SWB for sale

Audi Sport Quattro SWB for sale
When you hear the letters "SWB" you normally think of Ferrari - but here is a car that shares similar nomenclature - and although not quite as valuable - certainly shares a similar degree of rarity - with a mere 164 road cars delivered to customers.

The Audi Sport Quattro is instantly recognisable due to it's 320mm shorter wheelbase than it's more common brethren which provides a caricature of the essence of 80's Quattro. The suits at Audi at the time insisted the homologation special closely identified with the road cars Audi offered on the market - hence no mid-engines etc - which was de riguer for Group B in the 1980's.

Anyway when did you last see one of these for sale?! And before you go off to refresh yourself on the stats - remember the 306 BHP the lightly stressed road car produces - has thanks to the carbon kevlar body - a comparitively lightweight 1300 kgs to propel - and the thrust when massive KKK turbo comes on song at 3000 rpm is exhilarating.

Believe this is the only one on sale in the UK - and it has not been modded in any way at all.

Imagine it will be reassuringly expensive befitting the collectable status of the car - for more details - visit our customer link below: