Motostalgia Announces Grand Prix Weekend Line up

A lifestyle of grandeur is celebrated at the exclusive Luxury Automobile Auction and Gala Event Expected to Draw Collectors and Racing Enthusiasts from Around the World Motostalgia, one of the world's premier luxury automobile auction companies specializing in rare, exquisite, one-of-a-kind automobiles from opulent pasts and historical moments.

The Motostalgia Auction d'Elegance is an amazing event to be held the weekend of the 2013 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix weekend in Austin, Texas limited to seventy-five (75) of the finest and most sought after vehicles from around the globe including the 998 Ferrari F300 Formula 1 Racing Car ex-Michael Schumacher

Estimate $950,000 - $1,150,000Vin: 183Engine: V 10Transmission: Semiautomatic 7 Speed

805 bhp, 2,997 cc DOHC V-10 engine, 7-speed button-shift transmission, independent front and rear pushrod-activated torsion arm suspension, and 4-wheel ventilated carbon-ceramic composite disc brakes. Wheelbase: 116.25 in.

On Wednesday, the 7th of January 1998, over 800 journalists were invited to Maranello, Italy, for the debut showing of something special from Ferrari. As the program got underway the world got its first glance at the company's latest racing development, the F300. On hand for the presentation was Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, plus Jean Todt, the Scuderia Ferrari Team Manager. But next to the car, the real stars would be drivers Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine.

Schumacher who had one World Championship already under his belt, had been hired away from Benetton in 1996, and would go on to win a total of six World Championships for Ferrari which may be the reason that the official Formula One website has declared him as "the greatest driver the sport has ever seen."

A total of nine F300 race cars were produced by Ferrari, the example we are so very honored to offer is the third unit produced. It is a rare occasion when such an important piece of racing history, a truly pivotal chapter in Ferrari's dominance in the F1 sport, is offered for sale at auction. During the 1998 season, Ferrari took major steps towards its return to the apex of perfection on the Formula One racing circuits. Since 1982, they had not had a Drivers Championship. After getting Schumacher to join the team, they needed to field a car that could perform in unison with this driver's ability. The F300 met those demands.

Powering this car was the new Tipo 047, a V-10 engine with opposing cylinders set at an 80-degree angle and capable of 755 HP @ 17,500 rpm. The master behind the creation of this car was designer Rory Byrne, and his combination of aerodynamic design, proper tuning of the suspension and making sure all other components on the chassis worked to their maximum state of perfection was his only concern. If Byrne had not made it work Schumacher and others who drove these cars would have never seen the successes they had. 1998 saw the return of Ferrari as an honest competitor in Formula 1, taking second place in both the Driver's and Constructor's Cup, narrowly edged out by McLaren. Lessons learned that season showed where improvements could be made, they were and at the end of the 1999 season the Constructor's Cup was theirs, with only disappointment that year coming from a broken leg suffered by Schumacher which knocked him out of contention for the Driver's Championship. For the 2000 season, Schumacher began his reign as the greatest driver ever, taking five World Championships in a row which allowed Ferrari to remain the top Constructor during this time and beyond.

Research has shown that this car, chassis number 183, was completed around February 11, 1998. A couple of days later it made its first recorded runs at Fiorano, driven by Eddie Irvine and was later was used in proving sessions as one of the main test cars driven by Schumacher also at Fiorano as well as Mugello.

In early April 1998, chassis 183 underwent testing at Barcelona with Schumacher at the wheel, trying out new tires developed by Goodyear, and later that month back at Fiorano the car was again put through it test paces with Irvine piloting the car. Ferrari reportedly sold 183 sometime around 2005 to a well-known inventor and connoisseur of the marque, Pietro Tognoli and his brother Marco where they campaigned it at several Ferrari F1 Clienti outings over the next couple of years. In 2008, the car was once again sold and in the following year it received a complete Ferrari Classiche certified rebuild at which time improvements were made and the output was raised to 805 HP. After this work had been completed chassis 183 was invited to participate in the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2009, where it was allowed to strut its stuff and proved to be still a worthy opponent on the track. After Goodwood that transmission was reportedly overhauled which included magna-flux treatment to all parts, a ratio change for a couple of the gears and complete new fluids. In 2011, it was once again invited to take part in Ferrari F1 Clienti events in Mugello in April followed by an appearance at Imola in June and then at the Ferrari Finals in November. Today the car is reported to be ready to take to the track and promises whoever is behind the wheel the drive of a lifetime.

Just under 700 kilometers have been put on chassis 183 since its engine rebuild, and less that 600 kilometers since the transmission overhaul. Accompanied by its Classiche certificate, it is eligible for a number of historic events. As an actual Ferrari that has been verified and piloted by seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher, it is the ride of champions and stands ready to hit the course with as much enthusiasm today as it had when created a mere 15 years ago. This is a truly important and historic car that is bound to appreciate in value as well as garner appreciation by those who marvel at its mechanical perfection.