Rob Huff claims victory in WTCC Race 2, field decimated by two massive pile-ups

Tom Coronel was able to benefit from pole position and lead for most of the race, but the double red-flag and the two restarts behind the safety car gave an advantage to the SEAT and Chevrolet cars that were faster than the BMW on the straight. Eventually Huff jumped into the lead with only two laps left, while Pepe Oriola also managed to strip Coronel of second position.

For most of the race James Thompson and LADA cherished the dream of claiming the Russian manufacturers’ first podium, as the Briton was second behind Coronel. However Thompson lost two positions to Huff and Nash after the second restart and eventually was punted off by Oriola. James Nash finished fourth ahead of his team-mate Alex MacDowall, and the pair gave bamboo-engineering a 1-2 finish in the Yokohama Trophy.Among those who survived the carnage, Henry Ho finished in tenth position, claiming his first WTCC point and winning the Asia Trophy race.Key momentsGrid – Tarquini takes the start from the pit laneStart – Michelisz hits the barrier at Reservoir bends, bounces back in the middle of the pack causing a pile-up that involves Boardman, D’Aste, O’Young, Calko, Valente, Bennani, Kozlovskij and MacDowall Lap 1 – the race is suspended by the red flagRestart – seven cars are missing; only MacDowall’s among those involved in the pile up is able to make the gridLap 2 – the field takes the start behind the safety carLap 3 – Coronel leads from Thompson; Chilton overtakes Nash for thirdLap 3 – Muller hits the barrier at San Francisco bend and rejoinsLap 4 – Thompson, Chilton, Nash and Huff fight for secondLap 4 – Monteiro pits with a broken brake disc after being hit by MullerLap 5 – Chilton stops on the track; De Jesus crashes into Chilton’s carLap 6 – the safety car is deployedLap 6 – the back markers do not slow down enough and cause another pile-up on the site of the crash; the race is red-flagged once againLap 7 – for the second time the race resumes behind the safety carLap 8 – Huff and Nash overtake Thompson for second and thirdLap 8 – Oriola pushes Thompson into the wall at Maternity bendLap 9 – Engstler and de Souza are given a drive through for grid infringementsLap 9 – Huff overtakes Coronel and jumps into the leadLap 10 – Oriola overtakes Nash for thirdLap 11 – Oriola overtakes Coronel for second; Muller overtakes Basseng for sixthLap 11 – Huff wins from Oriola and Coronel

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