Porsche 964 RS for sale

Porsche 964 RS for sale

Like everyone else we are quite keen on air-cooled Porsche RS models - and Hexagon Classics currently have a mouthwatering trio which really are the best of the breed, including a fantastically original Porsche 911 2.7 RS, a historically interesting Porsche 964 RS, to the last super rare Porsche 964 RS 3.8 - the last chassis number one owner car.

The one we are day dreaming about is the Porsche 964 RS they have in stock.

At under half the price of the 2.7 RS and 964 3.8 RS - which have always been big money - this particular 964 RS they have in stock was used by Bilstein to develop their range of aftermarket suspension packages for this model - with none other than Walter Rohrl using the car during development.

Walter does not need any introduction - and his endorsement of the 964 RS is that he actually owns one personally and rates it as one of the most pure driving experiences.

This car came to England in 2008 & has covered just 7,000Km in the hands of one private owner since. On acquisition, Hexagon Classics got RS guru Neil Bainbridge to go through the car and it is bodily and mechanically mint with interesting history.

It is nice to see a Porsche 964 RS which has been actually used - and in great condition - that the next owner can actually drive.

These uber low mileage 964 RS's that seem to be commanding mega money - and destined for long term storage as "investments" surely miss the point about the thrill of ownership of one of these raw old school warriors? Well that's we think anyway - might be time for us to put our money where our mouth is soon - before these revered models reach strong six figure money like their illustrious brethren....

Check out the trio outside Hexagon's Kensington showrooms on the link below:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.793002794047291.1073741862.496039077076999&type=1

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