Fastest Porsche 901 historic racecar for sale

Fastest Porsche 901 historic racecar for sale

Undoubtedly, the fastest Porsche 901 / 911 FIA legal racecar in historic racing today is now for sale - the car that won this year's all Porsche 911 race at the 73rd Goodwood members meeting by 12 seconds.

It has been raced by some illustrious competitors in historic racing with great success and is probably at the pinnacle of 901 development today - and arguably therein lies the problem for Racecar client - Historika - who own and have developed the car.

They are in the business of building and developing 911 SWB models amongst other Porsche and having used the car as a showcase for their capabilities, now need to move it on and build another! Arguably they need to demonstrate that their business is not just about one car - and they can use their knowledge to build other quick 901's.

This particular has more or less acheived everything it can in historic racing and is clearly going to be on the radar for serious Porsche collectors and historic racers - not only only because of it's state of development, but also due to the fact it really has lovely history and provenance.

Detailed below are videos of the car in action - and a link to the car details at the bottom of the page:

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