Algarve Classic: O'Connell and Lafargue finish year on a high note

Last weekend, the entrants in CER 1 (26 starters) and CER 2 (20 starters) raced in the sixth and last round of their season on the Portimao circuit which hosted the Algarve Classic Festival.* The meeting provided an opportunity for everybody to try and end the 12th year of Classic Endurance Racing on a high note.On the very first lap the hierarchy of the first three on the grid in CER 1 was turned upside down. Martin O’Connell’s Chevron B19 FVC hit the front and quickly opened up a gap over the Tromans-Meaden Lola T70 M111B and the Piercy-Stretton Lola 210 GVC that had started on pole. When it was time for the obligatory pit stop O’Connell led his closest pursuer by almost 40 seconds! The British driver kept this gap till the end winning the race from the Tromans-Meaden Lola T70 M111B and David Tomlin in his Lola T210 who rounded off the top 3 in the prototype category. In GT, victory went to the Fatemi-Kaufman Porsche 911 RSR after a great scrap with the sister car driven by Michel Lecourt.The Porsche 934/5 in the hands of Phil Keen started in eighth place on the grid and took the lead in CER 2 on lap 2. The Gulf Racing driver in the European Le Mans Series opened up a big gap, which his team-mate Jörg Hubner was unable to maintain in the second part of the race. Russell Büsst’s Chevron B31 BDG took over first place and fought off the attacks of Patrice Lafargue’s Lola T292 BMW, but the Frenchman finally got past and went on to win. Tony Sinclair’s Lola T292 BDG saw the flag in third place after Yves Scemama’s TOJ SC 304 had to retire on the last lap due to a mechanical problem. Although Hubner lost the lead in the overall general classification in the second part of the race, he held on to first place in his Porsche 934/5 in GT winning the category from Christian Bouriez’s Ferrari 512 BB and the Mulder-Traber BMW M1 Procar. The overall general classification result of the 2015 season in each category will be announced at a later date.*Meeting not organised by Peter Auto.PORTIMAO RESULTS2015 SEASON PODIUMSCER 1Proto 1: 1. Serge Kriknoff (Lola T212 FVC) 106 points, 2. Toni Seiler (Lola T70 MkIII) 102 points, 3. Martin O’Connell/Andrew Kirkaldy (Chevron B19 FVC) 67 points…GT 1: 1. Michel Lecourt/Raymond Narac (Porsche 911 RSR 3L) 128 points, 2 ex aequo. Claudio Roddaro (Porsche 911 RSR 3L) & Afschin Fatemi/Wolfgang Kaufman (Porsche 911 3L RSR) 82 pts, 3. Charles Rupp/Philippe Peauger (Porsche 911) 76 points…CER 2Proto 2: 1. Patrice Lafargue (Lola T298 BMW) 112 points, 2. Dominique Guenat (Lola T286 DFV) 82 points, 3. Frédéric Da Rocha (Lola T298 BMW) 72 points…GT 2: 1. Maurizio Fratti/Andrea Cabianca (Porsche 934) 98 points, 2. Christian Bouriez (Ferrari 512 BBLM) 83 points, 3. Christian Traber/Patrick Simon (BMW M1 Procar).