MSA British Sporting Trials Championship

Round 9: Robin Alexander Sporting Trial, 17 September

Roland Uglow won on home ground at his picturesque farm, in an event organised by Camel Vale Motor Club. Yorkshire’s Simon Kingsley pushed Uglow hard all day but slipped up two hills from the end, dropping to second overall. Richard Sharp completed a close podium and also won the intermediate class.

Results1 Roland Uglow (Crossle) 24 points lost2 Simon Kingsley (Crossle) 27points lost3 Richard Sharp (Cartwright) 30points lost

Round 10: David Ayres Sporting Trial, 18 September

Roland Uglow led the David Ayres sporting trial all day to take his seventh win of the season with ease. The top three finishers remained the same as in the previous two trials, but this time Richard Sharp took the runner-up spot ahead of Simon Kingsley.

Results1 Roland Uglow (Crossle) 11 points lost2 Richard Sharp (Cartwright) 17 points3 Simon Kingsley (Crossle) 19 points