MSA British Sporting Trials Championship

Round 12: Peter Fear Trial, 9 October

It was cheers all round as Richard and Joe Sharp won their first national trial, travelling all the way from York to Gloucestershire.

Alistair Moffatt was in the lead at lunchtime but had a bad round three to eventually lose by 6 points. Reigning champion Roland Uglow had to settle for third place after scoring a 10, in round one.

The sun shone all day, the ground was slippery and the eight hills testing in different ways, especially with the tyre pressure set at eight PSI.

Results1 Richard & Joe Sharp (Cartwright) – 35 points lost2 Alistair Moffatt & Hamish Rowe (Facksimile) – 41 points lost3 Roland Uglow & Laura Wilks (Crossle) – 49 points lost