Award winning Bugatti Type 55 Roadster at Scotsdale auction

Award winning Bugatti Type 55 Roadster at Scotsdale auction

Chassis: 55201
Engine: 1

Formerly the Property of Dr. Peter Williamson | Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance® French Cup Winner

The 1931 Bugatti Type 55 Roadster is one of the most coveted prewar sports cars. Jean Bugatti developed the sensational Type 55 Roadster as a world-class sports car to appeal to Bugatti’s most discerning clients.

Under the beautiful body lies the same chassis utilized in the 16-cylinder Type 45 and Type 47 Grand Prix race cars, and under the hood beats a twin overhead cam supercharged eight-cylinder engine that produces 130 bhp. The Bugatti Type 55 Roadster on offer, chassis 55201, is the very first of only 38 Type 55 examples ever built. This was the car that debuted the model and was shown at the 1931 Paris Auto Show. Delivered new to Duc de le Tremoille, a member of one of the oldest families of French nobility, the car would then go on to be owned by famed Bugatti enthusiast and collector Dr. Peter Williamson for over 40 years.
It is reported to have been his favorite Bugatti for road use. Being the first example built, chassis 55201 has unique features not seen on later examples, such as the Grand Prix-style hood that has shortened louvers on the side and diagonal louvers cut into the top of the hood.

Beautifully restored by a marque specialist in 2012, chassis 55201 went on to win the French Cup at The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance® following its restoration. Even more amazing, this historically significant Bugatti still retains its original chassis and matching-numbers engine, and it offers an amazing value for such a significant Type 55.