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 BTB Part no.


Twin oval rear silencer

Stainless steel


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When BTB were first approached with the task of manufacturing a rear silencer for the BMW Z-1, it was a challenge to be relished by BTB's ever resourceful engineers. An initial batch of 6 silencers was soon pre-sold, enabling the original customer who donated his car for development, to realise a substantial discount as reward for his efforts in publicising the benefits of switching to BTB. Demand for these silencers has been continuous ever since and it remains one of BTB's most popular selling items. Z-1 owners are obviously attracted by the stylish twin oval tailpipes which cleverly resolve the rear styling of the car, making it look even more like the concept car it originally was.

Closer scrutiny of the silencer reveals BTB's attention to the aerofoil section which integrates the underfloor aerodynamics with the wake turbulence at the back of the car to minimise drag and reduce lift. Also significant is the double skinning of the all stainless steel silencer that reduces radiated noise, but still produces a satisfying but not intrusive sporty feel to the exhaust note.

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