Le Mans Coupes celebrates 10th anniversary


Currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, Le Mans Coupes Ltd boasts its best ever range of classic supercars – ie the Superformance GT40; Shelby Daytona Cobra CSX9000 Series; and Superformance Shelby Cobra MKII and III evocations.


As 2014 is the 50th anniversary of Ford’s legendary GT40, it is perhaps no surprise that interest in the precision-crafted Superformance continuation cars is already at an all-time high. Hand-built by Hi-Tech in South Africa, they are so authentic that some 90 per cent of the parts, including the all-steel monocoque chassis and famous sandwich roof, are interchangeable with the original items.

The model is offered in the guise of the original MKI and II cars and available with Roush-built Ford V8s of 5.6 (342ci), 6.6 (402ci) or 7.0 litre (427ci) capacity, with power outputs ranging from 430 to a very substantial 560bhp. Depending on the engine chosen, performance is in the realms of 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of over 205mph. One obvious but welcome departure from original is the inclusion of air conditioning.

Shelby Daytona Cobra CSX9000 Series

Sanctioned by the late, great Carroll Shelby and developed from their 1960s championship-winning car by its designers Pete Brock and Bob Negstad, the stunning-looking, Superformance-built Daytona Cobra combines the mouth-watering shape of the original car (of which just six examples were made) with the very latest in engineering technology.

Though sensationally received when first seen in the UK in 2003, it was felt certain aspects of the new coupe could be improved upon and the resulting MKII version now offered benefits from numerous upgrades. These include: a better gearbox (Tremec Magnum); improved suspension option with Öhlins adjustable dampers; stainless steel side-mounted exhausts; deep-dished Shelby American 18” race-style wheels; greater interior space; superior air conditioning controls; and exterior door handles. The MKIIs bodies can be specified in fibreglass or aluminium.

Most exciting of all, in addition to the previously fitted 6.6-litre 530bhp Roush V8 engine, UK purchasers now have the option of an

Edelbrock-supercharged Corvette SL3 engine of no less than 650bhp!

Superformance Cobra MKII and III evocations

There have been many Cobra evocations, but the superb Superformance MKII and III are the only ones to have been sanctioned by Carroll Shelby; the car’s much-vaunted creator. The MKIIs are available in standard (‘slab side’) or FIA form and offered with 4.7 (289ci) or 5.0 litre (302ci) capacity Roush V8 Ford engines coupled to a five-speed Tremec transmission. The coil sprung MKIII can be selected with no less than five different size Roush powerplants from 5.0 (302ci) to 7.0 litres (427 and 428ci) driving through either a four-speed Ford top-loader gearbox or five-speed Tremec one.

Strong V8 heritage

Le Mans Coupes Ltd was founded by Nigel Hulme – a man more than well-versed in American V8-powered sports road and racing cars from 30 years of successfully competing in such potent steeds as the famous ex-Works Cobra ‘39 PH’ and a variety of Lola T70s. Said Nigel: “We’ve sold some 40 Superformance products in the UK to date and are certainly noticing an upsurge of interest in the GT40 right now. The MKII Daytona Cobra is a noticeable improvement on its predecessor and the 650bhp supercharged Corvette-engined version we’ve developed for the home market is a simply stunning motorcar by any standards. The original Cobra roadster is a timeless design that will always set pulses racing and it’s great to now be able to offer a MKII evocation as well as the MKIII. Prices for the Superformance cars on offer start from £65,500 plus VAT for the MKII and III cars and £98,500 plus VAT for the GT40 and Shelby Daytona Cobra