Spectator information for DMACK Carlisle Stages

Spectator information for the DMACK Carlisle Stages (Saturday 13 June) has been announced, with spectator locations available at five of the six special stages. The DMACK Carlisle Stages is organised by the Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club.With a superb 130-car entry, with quality to match the quantity, the rally is a round of the REIS/Ravenol BTRDA Rally Series, the MSA English Rally Championship and the West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship. The event is also a round of the S G Petch Association of North East and Cumbria Car Clubs Stage Rally Championship and the Association of Northern Car Clubs Forest Challenge.The rally will again be based at the premises of the R J Murray & Sons Haulage Company in Longtown, Carlisle with scrutineering and documentation run from 2pm until 7pm on Friday afternoon.The first car will start at 8am and be back at the finish at around 3pm on this compact event.Spectator Information

SS1: Glen Dhu, first car due at 08.44Car Park at the picnic area: Map 79/NY521 808½ Half-mile walk to junction 2

SS2: English Kershope, first car due at 09.05Car Park A, Map 79/NY503½ 834½ Good viewing at mid-point in stage at junction 6

Service at R J Murrays, Longtown: first car due at 10.24Map 85/NY405¼ 669¾

SS4: Chamot Hill, first car due at 11.37Two good spectator locations.Map 86/NY496½ 778½ short walk to junction 3.Car Park B, Map 86/NY482½ 777Good viewing at mid-point in stage at junction 5

SS5: Ash Park, first car due at 11.56Car Park C, Map 86/NY499½ 777¾ Good viewing at mid-point in stage at junction 5

Service at R J Murrays, Longtown: first car due at 12.43Map 85/NY405¼ 669¾

SS6: Kershope first car due at 13.56Please use the same parking location as SS1 and SS2

Please remember to follow the marshals’ instructions. This is for your safety and the safety of the competitors and marshals alike.The seeded entry list is available here: https://www.rallies.info/webentry/2015/dmackcarlisle/entries.php?type=sSpectator maps can be viewed from the R.A.C. Rally Championship Facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/RACrallychamp/posts/585258424909830