Greg Hancock, Tai Woffinden 1,2 in Krsko

Off the track they’re friends, on the track they’re rivals, and on the podium - they stood together.

Speedway shredders Greg Hancock and Tai Woffinden made sure the M-claw was represented on the Slovenian GP podium by going one-two on an awesome night in Krsko.

It was Greg’s turn to head to the top step and he put in a performance to defy all logic. He’s the oldest man in the field but he proved he’s still one of the quickest and his wheel-perfect display was vintage Hancock.

He dropped just one point in his seven races and even the super-fast Woffinden couldn’t catch him, this time having to settle for second but still extending his overall lead at the top.

 Speaking after one of the best nights of his glory-littered career, Greg said: “I’ve got great speed again and everything feels so good, if I go out there and put the bike where it needs to be you see I can win races and that’s an awesome feeling.

“The whole team has been working so hard and making changes to the bike, we had to back up a bit on some things but it’s small adjustments and my bikes are working great now. When I can get on the bike and just tell it where I want it to go, and it goes, that’s when I’m at my best.

“It’s great to be back on top of the podium and back in the mix, I want to dedicate this to Darcy Ward too - keep fighting Darcy, this one’s for you.”

Tai, who is now 25 points ahead of Greg in the series, produced some of the gnarliest rides seen in a long time. In his semi-final he came from 20 metres behind to win the race by the tiniest margin and send the Slovenian fans into raptures - and he is full-gas now as he charges towards another World title.

“It was good, I was a little bit stressed out before the start with a horrible headache but we got it together. To lose today to Greg is no shame, he’s had a really good day and I honestly don’t know how he does it, how does he keep so motivated at his age and after everything he’s achieved? It’s amazing and he’s a guy I look up to.” said Tai.

“When I won the championship in 2013 I felt the same as I do now, there’s no pressure on my shoulders at all. I’m just going out there and racing my bike and that’s what I love doing.”

Chris Holder put in another solid shift, taking home nine points and staying on course to finish in the top six overall. With three huge rounds to go it’s Woffinden in the lead - but Greg won’t give him a minute’s rest and we can’t wait to see it all unfold.