Shapecraft - coachbuilders and aluminium bodywork panelbeaters

Shapecraft - coachbuilders and aluminium bodywork panelbeaters

We built this mini site for Clive Smart of Shapecraft ages ago - but Shapecraft is so busy with work that there was little motivation to even bother getting the site up! There are lots of cars in historic racing that do and have run Shaperaft bodies - bear in mind they have done this work for decades and have a good memory of what the actual shapes were in period - with an extensive body buck resource.

There are a few galleries of some of the cars on the site featuring:

Alfa Romeo
Aston Martin

(they have worked on a lot more marques than this over the years)

The pictures sadly are tiny! - they were all we could get!  - but rest assured if you run a big ticket road or racecar with an alloy body - it's pretty likely Shaprecraft have built a body for a similar model to your car.

Their workmanship is just stunning - whether it is GTO, C type, D Type, Zagato etc the "shape" of their workmanship is the dogs bollocks - probably because after "many" years of doing this their workload is based purely on recommendation. 

Without being disrepectful - Clive is not really interested in marketing - it was only our enthusiasm for him to show some of his work that pushed the job through!

Although the bulk of the work is based on Aston Martin, Ferrari and historic racing cars, at the minnow end of the scale, they built a trick allow bonnet modification and airbox for our Jaguar V6 powered MX5 with 6 Jenvey throttle bodies - probably the lowest value humble little car that is been in the shop!

Their workmanship is just the best - and it would be unfair to suggest that unless you have got an 8c Alfa they are not interested - they are really friendly and can undertake any job involving expert alloy panel work - just bear in mind they are quite busy and a phone call is more likely to get a response!

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