Sanremo Rally Storico gets underway Friday 9th April

Sanremo Rally Storico gets underway Friday 9th April

The 36th Sanremo Rally Storico will get underway on Friday 9th April and will host Round 1 of the nine round 2021 FIA European Historic Rally Championship.

Based in the north west Italian town of Sanremo, the rally will consist of a total of 437.74 kilometres, with 14 special stages over 131.3km on asphalt.  The two-day event will see six stages on day one and eight stages on day 2.

The first leg on Friday 9th April will get underway with the first car due to take the start on SS1 at Calderara (8.03km) at 11h03.  SS2 is Caravonica (11.48km) at 11h56 and is followed by SS3 Colle D’Oggia (7.89km) at 12h17.  After regrouping in Sanremo the three stages are repeated in the afternoon at 15h36 (SS4), 16h29 (SS5) and 16h50 (SS6).

The second leg of the Sanremo Rally Storico will take place on Saturday 10th April with four stages in the morning being repeated in the afternoon.

Stage 7 at Vignai will get underway at 08h18 and at 14.23km is the longest stage on the rally.  SS8 is Bigone (10.51km) at 09h01, followed by two shorter stages Perinaldo (6.15km) and Semoigo (7.36km).

After regrouping at Arma di Taggia, the competitors will repeat the four morning stages beginning at 12h20 for Vignai (SS11), 13h03 Bigone (SS12), 13h26 Perinaldo (SS13) and concluding with Semoigo (SS14) at 14h14.  The finishers will then regroup in Sanremo for the prize giving.

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