6 year sprint record broken

by Meteor Hill Climb car

On its first outing in 2008, the Meteor meet and greet parking sponsored Force-Suzuki, has beaten the Curborough Sprint record with a time of 28.59 seconds. For the last six years the 1100 cc class record has stood unchallenged until driver Brodie Branch decided to give his car a run prior to the first British Championship meeting of the Hill Climb season.

With a distinct shortage of entries for the first Curborough sprint event of the year, the second round of the Hill Climb and Sprint Association’s Speed Championship nearly didn’t happen. But after non-starters had reduced the original field of 50 to just 43, Brodie Branch and Darren Luke staged a great battle in their shared Force-Suzuki for not only fastest time on the day but the 1100cc racing car class record.

Team-mate Darren Luke was the first to beat the record but then the verdict finally went to Branch who managed to go even faster than his co-driver – eventually setting a new record which was 2/10s quicker.

Branch adds, “We took the car with its new 2008 livery to an exhibition in London earlier in the year and the excitement generated was huge. So as well as looking great, we’ve had excellent support from our sponsors and this helped us to focus our efforts on going as quick as possible at Curborough. Breaking Mark’s six year record is great pre-season result for the team and we are looking forward to the next outing at Prescott.”

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