Trident Formula Master testing

Valencia, Day 1

Trident Racing succesfully completed  the first day of testing at Valencia, where the series is set to start its 2008 season on the next weekend. All the scheduled work was completed despite some inconveniences that slowed the run of Harald Schlegelmilch. The tests will be completed today, as the team will finally make an attempt to climb to the top positions.Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Managing Director"Today`s work proved to be both really enjoyable and profitable, and the good results scored on-track confirm the great job made in the previous sessions too when, due to unpredictable issues we were prevented from showing what we could do. The laptime clocked by Kasper Andersen was the third fastest of the day, and really close to the pole position, a great result if we consider that he even lost some more thousands due to traffic in the last sector. In this light, we really can expect a successful weekend. Harald Schlegelmilch had a troubled day due to the difficulties in adapting to the cockpit. The tests of Alejandro Nunez were profitable too as, after the morning session, a setup change allowed him to be back on-track with 40 minutes to go and he immediately entered the fastest pack in 9 laps, completing a good evaluation in terms of gear and differential choice. Tomorrow we`ll concentrate on clocking fastest laps". Kasper Adersen #32 (1`28”173)"We had a very profitable day, especially in the PM session. I wasn`t really satisfied with this morning`s set-up, but the situation got progressively better and the fast lap scored at the end proved that things are coming together nicely. Apart from the good laptime, I was really impressed by the team`s ability to find the right solution for the problems that may happen on-track. That makes me very optimist for the season`s start".Harald Schlegelmilch #31 (1`29”238)“I had a lot of set-up problems in the morning, and the car was not really driveable. That said, we made a lot of work, and the situation radically change in the PM session when we put fresh tires on. I didn`t have a lot of time to make an attempt because of red flags. It`s definitely unfortunate to have lost valuable time due to a problem maybe related to a bad set of tires".Alejandro Núñez #33 (1`28”796)"I was really satisfied with the first part of the tests here at Valencia. We tried a number of different technical solutions, and even though not all of them can obviously be productive, today`s job was pretty positive. I`ve got a lot of trust in the team because their planning seem to be going in the right direction, and good laptimes are a further demonstration. I hope that it won`t be raining tomorrow, in order to concentrate on pure performance".