Avila in top form at Sepang

In a thrilling event at the ultra-modern Sepang circuit in Malaysia this weekend, Macanese car racing driver Rodolfo Avila celebrated three podium finishes in the first round of Asia Supercar Challenge 2008.

The first event on the 2008 ASCC calendar got off to a start on Thursday and Avila delivered a likely shine on the opening day of races in AFOS weekend. The #20 Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge got 2nd just behind the local hero Tunkun Hammam Sulong at the wheel of an extraordinary Porsche 997 GT3 RS.

Race 2 saw Avila showing he could win at Sepang. Unfortunately a rare mistake by Avila saw the Class A leader finishing his race on 3rd. The 21 years old took the risk and tried to overtake the powerful Malaysian Porsche but couldn’t avoid a spin due to the light morning showers. The race would have an early finish under the ‘Safety-Car’.

Hopes of a Macanese win in ASCC Race 3 didn’t materialise although a determined Avila did create some serious attempts to do it, coming 2nd from 3rd in the Grid, behind the unbeatable Tunkun’s Porsche.

"It's a bit disappointing to have been running so strong throughout the weekend and come away with no victories. Anyway I’m quite happy with the points I collected as the championship crown is my target”, he held.

Rodolfo Avila is leading Class A and is now in 2nd Overall.

The next round of the ASCC takes place at Sepang International in the Malaysia in four weeks.


Race 1:

1 – Tunku Hammam Sulong (Porsche 997 GT3 RS); 10 laps

2 – Rodolfo Ávila (Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge) +4,2 s

3 – Yau Sam (Porsche 996 GT3 Cup 3.8) + 23,8 s

Race 2:

1 – “Mimmo” Schiattarella (Ferrari 430 Challenge); 16 laps 

2 – Tunku Hammam Sulong (Porsche 997 GT3 RS) +2,8 s

3 – Rodolfo Ávila (Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge) + 3,5 s

Race 3:

1 – Tunku Hammam Sulong (Porsche 997 GT3 RS); 20 laps

2 – Rodolfo Ávila (Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge) +6.4 s

3 – “Mimmo” Schiattarella (Ferrari 430 Challenge) + 18.0 s

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