GP2 Outstanding 1-2 for Trident

Monaco - Race 2

#20 Mike Conway,  1st#21 Ho Pin Tung,    2ndTrident Racing experienced an outstanding 1-2 finish at Monte Carlo, after taking off from front row with Mike Conway and Ho Pin Tung.

The team, owned by Maurizio Salvadori and as young as 2006, cruised to what will be remembered as one of its most prestigious results. Mike Conway led the pack from pole at the first corner, and really never looked back despite losing a 11-second advantage due to a Safety-Car period at lap 9.

The British driver was not worried at all, as he re-started to lap on the same pace as before and opened another huge gap. Ho Pin Tung`s race was flawless too, as he managed to defend 2nd place from the race-long attacks of Alvaro Parente. The Chinese had a totally troublefree run, taking checkered behind team-mate. 

The Monte Carlo race marked the first win in the GP2 Series for Conway, as well as the first podium finish for Tung.

Maurizio Salvadori, Team Owner."I tried to keep the team`s mood high after yesterday`s bad break, since we were really disappointed for a possible podium finish lost due to someone else`s mistake. Finally, a great team result repaid all our staff for what was lost. The team did an awesome job, and this 1-2 finish finally provides who worked so hard with a really well-deserved gratification. I`m also really pleased with our driver`s performances: I`ve always been confident about our possibilities since the last winter, as the work done by our three engineers proved to be extremely valuable. Once again, I want to praise our guys at Trident Racing for their professionalism and for their unbelievable team spirit".

Mike Conway"I just can say I`m really happy. This is my first win in the GP2 Series, and it`s great how it came right after the disappointment suffered at the end of yesterday`s race. Everything was perfect since the start, and I proved to be able to control the situation at all points, before and after the caution. The car was perfect too, allowing me to keep a really fast pace. In addition to the personal accomplishment, I think today`s result will be boosting our confidence for the rest of the season".

Ho Pin Tung"It was a long race for me today, but I`m happy to have controlled the situation really well. After keeping second place at the start, I stayed there even when the Safety-Car came out. The car was less performing than I thought but really driveable, allowing me to keep Parente behind until the end of the race. I`m very happy for today`s result, scored in the wonderful frame of Monte Carlo. I want to thank all the team and all the people supporting my racing career".

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