MSA British Cadet Kart Championship

Round 3: Rowrah, Cumbria.

Roy Johnson nicked the lead from polesitter Charlie Robertson at the start of the final, Robertson quickly recovering second from Tom Read.  But Robertson's challenge on Johnson was further delayed when Max Vaughan placed his kart between them.  Robertson fought back, managing to get his nose ahead into the second hairpin and forcing Vaughan to take the long way round. 

That move gave Robertson second again and this time he was able to reel in Johnson.  Meanwhile Adam McKay had come up to trade third with Vaughan, Matthew Graham also joining in the party.  Robertson had closed right up on Johnson's tail, but could find no opening.  "I tried to get him on the last corner but I just pushed too hard and went wide," said the diminutive Scottish champion. 

Johnson was unperturbed, saying: "I kept looking round to see what Charlie was doing behind me."  And indeed when it was needed he could put on a small spurt of extra speed.  Vaughan came out on top of Graham for third, with Macaulay Austin storming up from twenty-second on the grid for fifth.

Next round: Whilton Mill, Northants, 8th June


1 Roy Johnson (Zip storm) 12 laps in 11m21.64s (40.47mph)

2 Charlie Robertson (Zip) + 0.28s

3 Max Vaughan (Zip) + 2.04s

4 Matthew Graham (Zip) + 2.57s

5 Macaulay Austin (Zip) + 4.04s

6 Sam Vanderpump (Zip) + 7.10s