NMA Hillclimb Championship

Nicholson McLaren Aviation MSA British Hillclimb Championship  - Rounds 9 & 10, Shelsley Walsh, Worcestershire

A simply massive result for Martin Groves as he sensationally broke the outright record at the oldest hill of all and jumped two places to thirrd position in the British championship standings by taking 21 points from the weekend including a bonus point for breaking the record. His co-driver Paul Ranson also had a great weekend by taking third place in each run off behind series leader Scott Moran both times.

Whilst Moran's pair of second places maintains what seems a safe lead at the head of the chart, Groves' recent performances mark him out as the one to watch.

Round 9

1 Martin Groves (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 22.71s Best Time of Day;

2 Scott Moran (3.5 Gould-NME GR61) 23.00s;

3 Paul Ranson (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 23.31s;

4 Deryk Young (4.0 Gould-Judd GR51B) 23.87s;

5 Jos Goodyear (4.0 Pilbeam-Judd MP97) 23.94s;

6 Chris Merrick (4.0 Gould-Judd EV GR55) 23.99s;

Round 10

1 Groves 22.90s;

2 Scott Moran 23.03s;

3 Ranson 23.47s;

4 Merrick 23.90s;

5 Goodyear 24.28s;

6 Roger Moran (3.5 Gould-NME GR61) 24.38s

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