Lewis gets 10 place grid penalty

In light of his accident yesterday - accidentally driving into the back of a stationary Kimi Raikkonen in the pitlane - Lewis will be given a 10 place grid penalty at the forthcoming French GP.

That's probably to be expected and a fair penalty - as it took both cars out and was a serious error in judgement - but mistakes happen - as Kimi proved in Monaco.

What is disappointing is the subsequent media bashing he receives from the press after what was clearly an unintentional error - reinforcing the credo that in this country we love to build up a hero - and then subsequently kick him where it counts.

It is a sad reflection on the media coverage of the race - which should instead focus on the mega performance by Robert Kubica - who a year after his horrific crash in Canada - delivers a faultless performance to bring his and BMW's maiden win.