Marcos Ambrose fastest..


Marcos Ambrose, driver of the No. 21 Little Debbie Honey Buns Ford Fusion, put up the fastest lap of Saturday’s final practice before going off course and causing some damage to the left side of the car.

Ambrose left for the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at the Milwaukee Mile before the end of practice, but co-owners Len and Eddie Wood say the damage wasn’t bad enough to force the team to its back-up car, and that the primary car will be fine for tomorrow’s race.

LEN WOOD – co-owner, No. 21 Little Debbie Honey Buns Ford Fusion – WHAT HAPPENED? “We had already set the fastest time, and I guess the car was feeling pretty good, and he kind of let it get out from under him in turn 10. There is quite a bit of left-side damage, particularly in the front. However, it didn’t bend any suspension parts or the frame or anything like that, so we chose to fix it and patch it up best we can. It won’t look the greatest, but as far as the suspension and those things are concerned, it’ll be fine. It’ll drive fine.”

DO YOU EXPECT TO GET THE CAR BACK TO 100 PERCENT? OR, CLOSE ENOUGH? “This is not really what you would term an aero track, so if we had to go through the initial templates again, it would be pretty tough to fit them 100 percent again right now. But, I think NASCAR will work with us. We’ll get it as close as we can. We’ve got a new nose module, and we’re fixing it right now.”

EDDIE WOOD -- co-owner and spotter, No. 21 Little Debbie Honey Buns Ford Fusion – “That can be a pretty bad place over there. Generally, when you mess up turn 10, you’re taking out the back-up car, so we were let off easy.”

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