KIMI COLUMN on French GP Flaming race

Flaming raceObviously it was a challenging race.  I don't know should I feel more happy or more disappointed with all the things that we went through on Sunday. Now I am happy with result and, I guess, that is all that counts.I had a trouble free practice sessions on Friday and Saturday and the car was very good the whole weekend. I had such a good feeling with the car all the time.We got the pole position and I was four tenths of a second quicker on my second qualifying run in Q3, so I would have been much faster if i finished that final lap.It was the 200th pole for Ferrari. I feel proud to be involved in this way in the long history of this great team like last year getting the 200th victory for the team in China.The race was there to win, too. But, unfortunately, for me it was divided in two parts.I got a good start and was able to push from the beginning and pull a comfortable gap over Felipe. Half way through the race I had a sudden loss of power and noticed the exhaust system was missing. From the right mirror I could see the part hanging out there.Thereafter I was very concerned we would not make it to the finish. In the last few laps the car felt like it would stop completely so I was very happy to finish second in the end.I have to admit the it has never been better to see the chequered flag. Once again we proved the you should never give up.The Team still doesn't know exactly what happened. They will do some tests, but it's difficult to find an answer without the exhaust pipe and with an engine that has been under stress like that for half of the race.Obviously I felt very disappointed not to have won the Grand Prix, when everything was working well and I could pull away a nice gap at the front. But looking at the positive it was a great team performance and I picked up 8 points, when there was a big chance I could have not scored any points with the problem I had.I am now closer to the leader compared to the standings after Canada. So, obviously, we all can feel being in the more positive side now.The championship is very tight with 10 points cover the first four drivers. We are not even half way through the championship so there are many points up for grabs. This time last year I was over 20 points behind.Ferrari expect to be very competitive at Silverstone, too. This week all the teams will test there and we will try a few new parts and prepare the car for a strong start at the British Grand Prix weekend.I like the  circuit very much and have fond memories of last year. It's such a challenge to go there with a car you really can fight for the first place.

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