The Track Day Manual

Mike Breslin

Publication: Out Now, RRP: £17.99Format: Hardback, ISBN: 978 1 84425 482 8

Most drivers think that it's impossible to have fun in their cars these days.Driving on the road has become a chore, and a stressful chore at that, but thanks to track days it doesn't have to be like this, because the track can offer an escape from speed cameras, traffic congestion and all the other 21st century petrolhead frustrations. Little wonder it's such a fast growing leisure pursuit.

Track days offer arguably the most fun and excitement you can have on four wheels without moving into the world of racing, giving drivers the opportunity to drive their own cars to their full potential. Handling a car at speed within the safe environment of a race track is an incredible sensation, while track experience has the added benefit of improving a driver's ability to cope with the unexpected on the road.In this book, Mike Breslin, a former Formula Ford racer who has written on motoring, motorsport, and specifically track days and driving techniques for a number of magazines, covers all the fundamental elements of track day driving.The knowledgeable text, supported by over 200 colour photographs and diagrams, provides everything the complete novice needs to know, yet is also sufficiently detailed to appeal to the vast numbers already involved in the track day scene who are looking to get more out of their time on track. The Track Day Manualincludes:

  ·    How to get started with track days - suitable cars and what to expect on a     typical track day·    Driving techniques - the differences between driving on road and track, theracing line, car control and wet-weather driving·    Preparation - car set-up and maintenance; including brakes, tyres, engine,suspension and safety equipment, and insurance options·    Useful contacts - including a guide to UK race-track venues, a list of UKtrack day operators, and details of many related companies and organisations