Messier-Bugatti CARBONE brakes score ..

their 250th Fomula 1 win

Lewis  Hamilton’s  victory  for  McLaren-Mercedes  in  yesterday  afternoon’s  British  Grand Prix  gave  Messier-Bugatti’s  CARBON  INDUSTRIE     brakes  their  250th  win  in Formula  1. 

 This  milestone  comes  24  years  after  the  first  Grand  Prix  victory  for Messier-Bugatti  and  carbon/carbon  brakes  (Alain  Prost,  McLaren-TAG/Porsche, 1984 Brazilian GP). Messier-Bugatti  pioneered  the  use  of  carbon  brakes  in  F1  in  1983,  when  they equipped  Renault  and  McLaren. 

Since  then,  CARBONE  INDUSTRIE     brakes have been used in more than 400 Grands Prix and equipped 62% of the winning cars. This season, CARBON INDUSTRIE    brakes are supplied exclusively to McLaren and Williams.

Certain other teams use the brakes at circuits which are particularly demanding  for  braking  performance,  such  as  Montreal  (Canada),  Melbourne (Australia), Sakhir (Bahrain) and Monza (Italy). CARBONE INDUSTRIE    also supplies every F1 team with carbon clutch plates. CARBONE  INDUSTRIE   is  a  brand  of  Messier-Bugatti,  a  company  that belongs to the Aircraft Equipment  Branch  of  the  Safran  Group.  Messier-Bugatti  is  a  world  actor  in  aeronautical  braking.

The company’s carbon wheels and brakes equip nearly 3500 commercial aircraft, including around 350 airlines and 20 airforces. Messier-Bugatti guarantees them 24/7 support throughout the world. A  system  integrator,  Messier-Bugatti  provides  excellence  and  innovation  in  functions  such  as braking, actuating, steerig and monitoring systems.

These systems equip nearly 9000 aircraft. With 1300  employees  primarily  in  France,  the  USA  and  Singapore,  Messier-Bugatti  has  an  annual turnover of 420 million euros, of which more than 15% are invested in R&D. Messier-Bugatti is an ISO14001 certified company.

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