Ferrari 250 GTO authentic recreation

Made for a guy in France with a real Factory car in his garage - so it is probably pretty accurate.. 

Details of car below - from Cars International - with link to their site at the bottom of this story. Guess if you cannot afford the real thing - £10million - £12million today? - as good as gets as a substitute. In any case when you go watch Hysterical racing at Shell Historic or Goodwood etc - how much of the real car is actually racing - i.e how many original engines sit in crates at home whilst the "race" item with same engine number is under the bonnet...?

There are lots of awful replicas around - which even non 'Rari chassis number anoraks would spot - but this honey is authentic.  

Car is available exclusively from Cars International - details and a link to their site - with more pix below:

Ferrari 250 GT re-bodied in the style of 1963 FERRARI 250 GTO

Expertly manufactured in France in 1988 / 89, based on Ferrari 250 GTE chassis number 3781 GT. A great deal of attention was paid to satisfying the exacting demands of the highly discerning owner, who’s stable it was to share with his factory original 250 GTO. The likeness, in all areas, is truly staggering.

We are advised that in addition to the painstaking alteration of the chassis to the correct dimension, other modification included steering, brakes and suspension, all of which are to GTO specification. Further evidence of the level of care given to authenticity, is the installation of the riveted fuel tank, as well as the fitting of the correct switches and instruments.

The hand beaten alloy carrouserie, fitted with Plexiglas side & rear windows is complemented by Borrani wire wheels wearing Dunlop racing tyres.

Chassis 3781 GT is, in it’s present form, an astonishing example of the coachbuilders craft. Thoroughly deserving of the recognition, as an art form, that the finest of re-bodied cars now receive.Welcome at many rally’s and events, this road registered car, after the style of a 250 GTO, is suitable and fast enough for your road, race or track day pleasure. 

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