Hockenheim: Over at Red Bull Racing

Fabrice Lom, the man responsible for the technical coordination of Renault's V8s at Red Bull Racing, reflects on the team's performance in the British Grand Prix and looks ahead to this weekend's German Grand Prix.

Fabrice, how did you view the performance of Red Bull Racing in Silverstone? It was excellent until the first few minutes of the race. Then things became very complicated. We had taken part in the three-day test at the circuit the week before the Grand Prix, and we had seen that we had good potential. We confirmed that on Saturday when Mark Webber qualified on the front row of the grid, but, for various reasons, we did not manage to turn that into a result on Sunday, largely owing to weather conditions and circumstances in the race.

You did not score points for the first time since Melbourne…Yes, and that's frustrating because we had the speed to get a great result at Silverstone. Fortunately for us, Toyota only scored two points, but we are now in fifth in the constructors' championship, with a small gap to fourth. But we remain optimistic because we think can keep up our performance during the rest of the championship.

Red Bull Racing tested in Hockenheim last week. Did that go well?Our performance there seems less promising than it was at Silverstone. But, saying that, we are not too worried as the car has proved to be fast on all types of track so far this season.

Is Hockenheim a difficult track for engines? Not really. Mark and David will use the V8s that they used in the Silverstone race, but that will not be a big handicap. Mark's engine ran the whole race in the wet and suffered less stress than it would in the dry. David's engine only completed the first lap of the race. Our priority will be to finish in front of Toyota, who seem to be our main rival.

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