Interview with Romain Grosjean

GP2 Series: You made a decent start but were behind Giorgio for most of the race: how difficult was that period, and how hard were you pushing to get by?

Romain Grosjean: For the first few laps we were faster, and then Giorgio: we had too early the degradation of the rear tyres so he could get a five second lead, and then I managed to do the same pace as him and we decided to have a pitstop early to do some fast laps and get back to him and try to catch him, but they did a pitstop straight after us and for sure that was their strategy. Then I was faster when we restarted, and I came back quite close to him again, but I had too much degradation with the rear tyres again and with 10 laps to go I said to the team I will stay second because there is no way I could try to catch him because the car is too difficult to drive.

"And then the rain came and I thought 'oh shit, I'm dead!' He has so much experience compared to me, and in GP2 it is the first time I was driving it with slick tyres in the rain, and it was really, really difficult: it was good to be second at this moment because I could see more or less where he was braking and whether he was sliding or not.

GP2 Series: And you didn't think there was any chance of getting by him in the rain?

Romain: In the rain at the beginning not, because it took a bit of advantage and we were really careful, and then it begun to rain even more and from this point I knew the track in this conditions already from testing in Formula 3 in 2006, and at the first corner I went straight, at the second corner I went straight, at the hairpin I went really close and then after I could go on the inside of his car and take the lead. Then I tried very hard to make a good gap but it was very, very difficult so the first thing was to stay on the track, and the second was to get a bit of a gap.

GP2 Series: How hard was it: you finished ten seconds ahead of Giorgio, and he said that he didn't push because he wanted to take it easy...

Romain: It was very difficult because in the beginning the rain was more on the end of the track and then it was drier a little bit on this part but the rain was more on turn one and two and the hairpin, so it changed a little bit, and once Rodriguez almost crashed into me at the hairpin because I overtook him and some drivers weren't looking at the blue flags... That's a shame, and then the last lap I was just careful to keep it on the track, so that was really difficult, yeah.

GP2 Series: And afterwards it was established that you overtook Asmer under yellow flags: talk me through what happened at that time.

Romain: I didn't see yellow flags, and there were blue flags since four corners for him and he didn't let me go, and then he braked a lot on this right with no yellow flags and nothing on my dashboard as well: at the exit of the corner I made him a sign and he moves on the right so I thought okay, he lets me go, and then I saw the yellow flags, but for me they were at this point only and not before. On the next lap yeah, it came on my dashboard much earlier so I thought well, they've changed the start of the yellow flags: I was sure there no problem but we've had this decision ten minutes ago.

GP2 Series: You've still come second, which is still a strong result, but possibly not the one you wanted...

Romain: The thing is we won on the track: we didn't do anything wrong, we didn't gain any advantage from this, so the things is winning it on the track is important, but second with a drive through is not bad. Instead of being eighth I will be seventh on the grid now!

GP2 Series: Yes, and you seem to drive better when you're a bit angry!

Romain: Yeah! I will try to give my best and win the race!

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