Isle of Man Historic Rally

Dunlop/Gambia MSA British Historic Rally Championship

Round 5; Isle of Man Historic Rally, 17-19 July

Jimmy McRae and Andy Richardson claimed a mighty victory on the Isle of Man Historic Rally, winning the fifth round of the Dunlop/Gambia MSA British Historic Rally Championship in their Porsche 911RS. Steven Smith/John Nichols took the fight to McRae in their 911RS and won category two, despite a major scare when a seagull wrecked their windscreen on the opening stage. To complete a Porsche rout of the categories, Dessie Nutt/Geraldine McBride took their older 911 to category one spoils.


Category one

1 Dessie Nutt/Geraldine McBride (Porsche 911)                   

2 Matt Pearce/Dood Pearce (Mini Cooper S)

3 David Mylchreest/Allan Cathers (MGB)

Category two

1 Steven Smith/John Nichols (Porsche 911RS)                     

2 David Stokes/Guy Weaver (Ford Escort Mk1)    

3 Derek Boyd/Roisin Boyd (Porsche 911RS)         

Category three

1 Jimmy McRae/Andy Richardson (Porsche 911RS)                             

2 Richard Hill/Patrick Cooper (Ford Escort Mk2)                    

3 Ian Corkill/Rivka Corkill (Ford Escort Mk2)