Stunning Mégane R26.R launched

Stunning Mégane R26.R launched

Racecar client Renault yesterday launched the gorgeous Mégane R26.R - 8 mins 17 around the ring with FWD and and a mere 225 bhp anyone?!

This launch picture caused us to chuckle in the office - looks pretty similar to the livery we designed for 3 years ago. Car on the stand was a pearlescent white and was gorgeous.

Car has been stripped out - 2 carbon buckets/proper rear cage/carbon bonnet/plastic rear window etc - and don't forget it's got that trick lsd which makes it handle rather well...

Bravo to Renault for having the balls as a volume manufacturer to producing a road car you actually want to drive.

We did some video from the motor show yesterday - which is on their site - more going up later - also we shall be uploading that 8 minute 17second lap onto the site - in the meantime go to:

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