Red Bull Jerez Test

Thursday - Day Three

Driver:        Mark Webber  Car:           RB4 - 01Time:          1:19.176, Laps: 85

Fastest Lap: M Webber 1:19.176Circuit length: 4.423 km

Mark  Webber  was  at  the  wheel  of  the  RB4  yesterday  for  his  second  day  of  testing. 

The majority  of  the test  was  focused  on  aero  development  work  and  suspension changes,  in  preparation  for  the  next  two  races.  The  team  showed  good  progress  and potential in both areas. The team also carried out some 2009 tyre tests, to complete aprogramme that carried over from Wednesday

Mark Webber commented: "We've had a pretty good two days here. The car ran pretty reliably and we've clocked up some good mileage. Today we were mostly getting ready for  Budapest,  as  well  as  looking  at  developments  for  a  little  later  in  the  season. Yesterday we were focusing more on '09, and it was quite a challenging day. Today was better in  terms  of  what  we learned,  mechanically  and aerodynamically.  It's been  a hot week for the guys working here and they've done a good job."

David Coulthard will take over today for the final day of the four-day test.