Ex-Hill Shadow returns ...

 in Grand Prix Masters

In a year of remarkable racing returns in Grand Prix Masters, a Formula 1 car last raced by Graham Hill 35 years ago returned to racing during the Silverstone Classic (26/27 July).

Somerset-based Daryl Taylor became only the second driver to race the Shadow DN1 that Hill raced during the 1973 season, and gave the rebuilt car its first race at Silverstone on Saturday.

Taylor acquired the Shadow DN1 in America and had spent many months carefully rebuilding the car and putting it into correct period specification.

“We bought it towards the end of last year and it has been quite a project,” said Taylor. “It had been stored in the States and, apart from a few demonstration runs, hadn’t been used since Graham Hill raced it in 1973.

“I’m the first person other than Graham Hill to race the car. It is quite an honour. I could probably have bought cheaper or more competitive cars, but I’d never have had the chance to buy something like that again.”

Taylor plans to race the car again in selected Grand Prix Masters races over the balance of the season before a fuller campaign in 2009. The Silverstone race was his first in a Grand Prix car, although he has experience of both Formula 2 and Formula 5000 cars.

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