Bikes: Rain Washes Out Ulster GP Pract,

Following on from his successful Ulster Grand Prix meeting last year, Hydrex Bike Animal Honda rider Guy Martin was hoping to get back in the swing of things after a less than successful season but once again, the great British summer had other ideas.

After a bright start to the day, gradually the clouds rolled in and by the time practice was due to get underway at 1.30pm this afternoon, the heavy rain which blighted last year's event on the Dundrod circuit returned with a vengeance causing organisers to delay proceedings.

After nearly two hours, still the heavy rain fall continued leaving them with no option but to postpone the practice sessions in the hope that better weather arrives tomorrow whereby practice is due to get underway at 11am with racing at the Dundrod 150 meeting scheduled for 2pm.

"It's been a nightmare for everyone concerned today" said Guy. "It's been frustrating just sitting around but what else can you do when the weather is so bad? We have a bit of a problem in as much as I understand the MCUI rules state that you can't practice and race on the same day but I think they may have to waive that tomorrow otherwise we won't get a race. The weather's not great for the rest of the week so we need to get racing when we can and not mess around."

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