Red Bull in Monza

Test Day One - 27 August 2008

Driver:       Mark WebberCar:          RB4 - 02Time:         1:24.005, Laps: 96

Fastest Lap: F. Massa   1:23.428

Circuit length: 5.793 km

Just three days after a disappointing race in Valencia, the team is back on track at  Monza. 

 The  three  days  in  between  have  seen  intense  activity  back  at  the factory, as every detail and scrap of data relating to car and team performance over the European GP weekend has been analysed in great detail, in an effort to return to a more competitive level for the remaining six races.

Mark  was  driving  yesterday,  evaluating  the  low  downforce  aero  package  unique  to this high speed circuit. Other pre-Italian Grand Prix work involved chassis tuning to  suit  the  aero  package  and  our  Australian  driver  also  worked  through  a  tyre comparison programme.

He completed around 556 trouble-free kilometres, which was more than originally planned. Having successfully established a good baseline, today's programme, still with Mark driving, moves on to evaluating some new  set-ups on RB4.

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