Monteiro Finishes 4th at Oschersleben

Best SEAT Sport finish in first race

Tiago Monteiro took fourth place in the first Oschersleben race in the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). The SEAT Sport driver had a good start from third position on the starting grid, but he was not able to capitalize on his momentum because he found himself blocked behind the pole position driver, who was losing speed before the first corner. Despite two rough contacts with some tough competitors in the first chicane, Tiago was able to move into fourth position and from then on he kept a consistent and fast race pace. Then, he controlled his tyre wear on a circuit that suit his rivals best.

"The car was always fast this weekend specially on new tyres, but a lot slower on used tyres. We had confirmation of this with my third fastest time in qualifying. I knew the start would be a bit crazy. I took off well, but I was blocked and I didn't have any room to go, even though I was faster than some of the drivers in front of me. I lifted a bit and eight of us were on top of each other. There were many contacts, but I was able to get out of the chicane without any damage. I quickly realized that I could not match the pace of the BMW's and Chevies, but it was very important for SEAT Sport to score five points, and I did everything I could to hold on to fourth place."

Tiago started from the third row in the second race. He was well placed going into the chicane, but things went worse than in the first race, and in the confusion of the chicane, Tiago fell victim to a collision which forced him to withdraw from the race.

"I stayed with Farfus, who was on my right, but there was nowhere for him to go because he was blocked from all sides. He went off the line and while coming back onto the track he cut me off. Many cars collided with each other and the damage to my Seat León was too serious for me to continue. It's too bad because I think I could have finished in the top four. This weekend had its ups and downs, but I am happy we were able to be consistently fast at Oschersleben."

At Oschersleben, SEAT Sport managed to hold onto the lead in both championships, but the competition, led by those driving at home, won a battle.The next races of the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) will take place in San Marino, on September 20 and 21 at Imola.

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