SPEEDWAY News and Fixtures

((SPEEDWAY 1)PREMIER League star Kauko Nieminen scored a stunning 16-points in a rare appearance for Lakeside in their 48-44 win at Ipswich.Nieminen, who rides regularly for Workington and is a bit-part member of the Elite League Hammers, proved to be the matchwinner.Boss Jon Cook said: "Everyone has written us off because of injuries, but we're not finished, far from it. Kauko was sensation, what a win!"(SPEEDWAY 2)NIELS Kristian Iversen will make a decision on whether to race again this season after this weekend.The Wolverhampton man, who needs an operation on his shoulder after two dislocations this season, rides in the Grand Prix on Saturday and GP Challenge on Sunday.He said: "It's feeling better but we'll have to see how it is in a competitive meeting. I will take it from there."(FIXTURES)

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 12:PREMIER LEAGUE: Edinburgh v Newcastle 7.30, Scunthorpe v Rye House 7.30UNDER-23 TEST: England v Australia, Somerset 7.30 CONFERENCE LEAGUE: Boston v Weymouth 7.30CHALLENGE: Plymouth v Bristol 7.30SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 13:PREMIER LEAGUE: Berwick v Stoke 7pm, Rye House v Mildenhall 6pm, Rye House v Somerset (follows previous fixture), Workington v Newcastle 7pm CONFERENCELEAGUE: Redcar v Weymouth 3pm, Redcar v Sittingbourne (follows previousfixture) BRITISH UNDER 15 CHAMPIONSHIP: Weymouth 7.15SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 14:PREMIER LEAGUE: Glasgow v Berwick 4pm, Mildenhall v King's Lynn 4.30, Newcastle v Edinburgh 5.30, Newcastle v Rye House (follows previous fixture), Stoke v Redcar 7.30 CONFERENCE LEAGUE: Buxton v Weymouth 3pmMONDAY SEPTEMBER 15:SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Peterborough v Coventry 7.30, Wolverhampton v Ipswich 7.30 BRITISH SIDECAR CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL: Reading 7.30TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 16:PREMIER LEAGUE: Isle of Wight v Rye House 7.30