GP2 Rnd 10-It all comes down to this…

 The  2008  GP2  Series  Championship  comes  to  a  close  this  weekend  in  Monza  with  one burning question: who will be the next Champion?

The 2008 GP2 Series title could have been wrapped up last weekend in Spa… But fate and racing have decided that once again, for the fourth year in a row, the championship will not be decided until the season finale.

In Belgium, the three strongest title contenders were all hit by penalties or misfortunes  that  saw  the  outcome  of  the  season  pushed  until  Monza. 

This  weekend,  the  series leader Giorgio Pantano – after an impressive season - will have to fight tooth and nails to become the new GP2 Champion.

At the wheel of his Racing Engineering car and at his home race where he  won  three  years  in  a  row,  Giorgio  will  definitely  be  the  man  to  beat.  However,  his  main  rival, Bruno  Senna  -  albeit  11  points  behind  –  will not let the Italian have his way as he  demonstrated many times this season that he too has the strength, speed and consistency of a true champion. Countryman  Lucas  di  Grassi  proved  to  be  a  serious  title  contender  as well and will also fight for glory, but his RDD teammate Romain Grosjean took the opportunity of the misstep of the Top 3 in Spa  to  join  them  in  the  battle  for  the podium finish.

It all comes down to this: action and drama. Triumph and disappointment. Pressure or no pressure, Giorgio Pantano is looking forward to his home race.

 “Monza is my home track, so when I arrive there it always feels very good. I turn up, I jump in the car, I go out on the track - it’s almost too easy! It helps that each time I’ve raced there, I’ve done well and the way I drive the car is obviously suited to Monza: the way I brake, the line I take, how I hit the kerbs, which kerbs  to  miss.  For  me  it’s  such  a  good  feeling  to  be  racing  there.  When  I’m  going  through  the Roggia corner, the two Lesmos and down to Ascari, I look at the trees that surround the circuit and I feel relaxed. On a sunny day, it’s a beautiful place to be racing. But the speed is so high, and the downforce  is  low  so  that  the  car  feels  very  light  and  it  can  still  be  quite  scary  approaching  the braking zones, no matter how relaxed you are. I couldn’t say what the key is to being quick there though. I just do what I do, and I’m always quick - so that must be the secret. Of course, the other attraction  is  that  there  are  plenty  of  great  places  in  nearby  Milan  to  eat,  drink  and  hopefully celebrate...”


Friday 12th September 11.55 – 12.25 Practice 16.00 – 16.30

Qualifying Saturday 13th September 16.00 Race 1

Sunday 14th September 10.30 Race 2 

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