Drivers under control by the State

Control the Driver - "NO Never, never safe" we say

Proven to be of no Safety Benefit this government continues to make the roads more dangerous by it's persistant figure chasing of numeric targets.

Safety is NOT measured in Miles per Hour.

The Speeding Probelm Does NOT Exsist - but the Government isn't Listening.

All they can see are the many pounds that pour into their accounts.

Claire Armstrong says " Road safety Policy is being founded on a gross misunderstanding of road safety fundamentals. We have never had a national problem with speeding."

"The so called speeding problem never did exist. Deptarment for Transport have been chasing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow."

"If you take into account that the number of road miles driven have reduced then couple this to their claim that road deaths are down, does not corrulate between less miles and their claim that deaths have fallen."

Vehicle Control has many problems.

"Will driver's crash avoidance skills be compromised by the system ? - And if so does this outweigh the benefit of lower energy crashes ?

What is the long term cultural effect on the whole road safety system ?

We firmly believe that road safety entirely depends on Individual driver responsibility and involvement in the task of driving.

Since ISA (Intelligent Speed Adaption) limits BOTH of these we are quite certain that any ISA System will make the roads FAR MORE Dangerous !

The effect on road safety on the road safety culture would also be marked and very negative. On average people would be less interested in the task of driving.

Our safest road safety asset is the driver, the more skilled the better, educate not 'control'.

This system is UNsafe for our roads.

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