Legends Keith Cowie & Mick Begley ..

go head-to-head with record-breaking results

Saturday, 27th September saw two racing legends go head-to-head at Shakespeare County Raceway in a ¼ mile drag shootout to see who was the fastest.

The shootout was called for after Cowie beat Begley on the dragstrip at TOTB in York back in July. Rumours were rife that Begley was sandbagging on the start-line because he stalled, but Begley denied this. Cowie then called for a win or lose all race to prove, once and for all, who was the fastest.

The stakes were to prove which driver had the fastest reaction times, best driving skills and of course, the fastest and most powerful car.

The shootout took place at Shakespeare County Raceway on a RWYB Public Track Day with Cowie driving his famed baby-blue Nissan Skyline R32 GTR. The Turbo Dynamics turbocharged and RB Motorsport tuned Skyline has seen Cowie break records in the past and boasts over 1250 BHP! The car also broke records with a Turbo Dynamics modified and blueprinted Garrett GT4245R series spec. single turbo, but has since been equipped with an even more powerful Turbo Dynamics modified and blueprinted Garrett GT4547R turbo!

Meanwhile Cowie’s opponent, Begley, drove a white ‘Tweenie Rob’ mapped Nissan Skyline R33. The fast Skyline is fitted with twin Turbo Dynamics modified and blueprinted GT3542 one-off turbochargers.

So with two powerful Skylines, an R32 against an R33, both turbocharged by England’s turbocharger specialists, Turbo Dynamics, and both proven 8 sec cars, the race could go either way. Tensions were high!

Craig Hodgson, Turbo Dynamics Technical & Sales Director said of the anticipated race “It’s great that we’re supporting both Keith and the Begley Brothers. Obviously we wish that they both have success, however, there can only be one winner. The fact that TD supply turbochargers for both cars means we have torn loyalties, but both teams get our full backing and technical expertise at all times.”

When the big day arrived, it brought with it clear blue skies and sunshine. Not quite perfect racing conditions: the dragstrip was dry, but slightly hot when the pair raced.

Cowie and Begley only managed one shootout against each other as Cowie’s car lost water through a burst pipe during the shootout, but the one race was all that was needed to prove (to Cowie at least) who was the fastest, with Cowie beating Begley.

A delighted Cowie said “It was all friendly banter; I beat Mick at TOTB and wanted to see if I could do it again. And, I did it again!” Laughing he continued, “If you can’t get your car off the line when racing, you’re gonna get beat!”

Cowie also achieved a new personal best on the day with 8.4 secs at 169 MPH down the ¼ mile.

Cowie and Begley remain close friends however, with the pair running the Pro Street Drag Series, along with their friend Steve Guirey.

Of the shootout, Begley said “Keith’s a good lad. I like him; he’s a sound fellow… but I will beat him!” Begley also said that he “backed-off” towards the end of the race because of Cowie’s problems with the car, saying that Cowie was coming across towards his lane.

In another run on the day, Begley got his big result to brag about though. Joining Cowie as an official record-breaker, Begley made a new European record in his Turbo Dynamics turbocharged Skyline with an exceedingly impressive 8.21 secs at 176 MPH on the ¼ mile! A video of Begley’s amazing run can be seen at: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh8aRLymENA.

Not stopping there, Begley also backed the result up with 8.23 secs at 170 MPH afterwards!

Begley said of the new record, “It’s unbelievable! Absolutely fantastic. A lot of hardwork went into the car. My wife and children were present on the day so it was great to have their support.” Begley also believes that he will be able to get 7 secs out of the car: “There is a 7 in the car! It’s down to launching the car properly.” Delighted, he also expressed his thanks to the whole Turbo Dynamics team.

Hodgson said of the day’s results, “It was a shame that the anticipated grudge match failed to materialise due to technical issues, but that’s the nature of motorsport.

“It’s great to see Keith got a personal best though, it is obviously a successful result for him and his team. The fact that Mick got a European Record is a fantastic result and this goes to prove that with the correct support both teams can be immensely successful.

“TD sends their congratulations to both teams and will continue to support them through next year’s drag-racing season.”

Begley also came close to the 4WD European record by 400ths of a second in May when he took the car onto the dragstrip for the first time. At the time Begley said, “We managed to get a time of 8.49 secs at 166 MPH. The turbos are absolutely fantastic and they are only running on low boost. We won the Pro Class hands down!” A video of the first run can be seen at: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ulOows9vJfQ&eurl=http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/upload/97690-mick-begleys-8-4-run.html.

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