GP3 series to be launched in 2010

This Series will be a stepping-stone into GP2 Series, and will take place within the GP2 race week ends.

The chassis, the engine and the tyres will be decided after a consultation with the manufacturers who have shown interest in supporting GP3. The engine will be a 2 litres with 250 HP. The chassis will incorporate the latest single seater design features.

Bernie Ecclestone commented: “After the tremendous success of the GP2 Series, I believe this GP3 Series will be an opportunity for drivers, engineers and mechanics who are making their way to Formula One. I wish good luck to this Series.”

Bruno Michel added: “The philosophy behind GP3 Series will be very similar to what we did in GP2 regarding the performance of the car, the control of the costs, the show, the safety and the training to access to the following category, but adjusted to the level of this new Series. We will make sure that this Series will be as successful as GP2 in revealing young drivers able to jump to the next step. We are looking forward to 2010!”

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