Carrera Cup GB season statistics

The season statistics for the 2008 Porsche Carrera Cup GB have been compiled. During the 20-race season, 43 drivers took part, racing for 11 teams. In the course of 20 races the leading drivers completed 468 racing laps.

In terms of total track time, the statistics are equally impressive. Official Carrera Cup GB test sessions totaled over 21 hours, qualifying sessions totaled five hours and the 20 races covered a total of nearly nine hours. In all, the Carrera Cup GB offered competitors 35 hours of track time in 2008.

Race winsTim Bridgman - seven winsOthers: Michael Caine (4), Tim Harvey (4), Sam Hancock (3), Stefan Hodgetts (1) and Nick Tandy (1).

Pole positionsTim Bridgman - eight polesOthers: Michael Caine (4), Tim Harvey (3), Sam Hancock (3) and Phil Quaife (2).

Fastest race lapsMichael Caine - six fastest lapsOthers: Tim Harvey (5), Tim Bridgman (4), Dean Smith (1), Phil Quaife (1), Stefan Hodgetts (1), Sam Hancock (1) and Jake Rosenzweig (1).

Team race winsTeam Parker Racing - 11 winsOthers: Red Line Racing (4), Jota Sport (3) and PCGB (2).

Pro-am1 category winsNigel Rice - 14 winsOthers: Tony Gilham (5) and Andy Britnell (1).

Pro-am2 category winsGlynn Geddie - 5 winsOthers: Steve Rance (2), John Stack (2), John Quartermaine (2), Matt Blyth (2), Michael Leonard (2), Rory Butcher (2), Graeme Mundy (1), Ed Pead (1) and Ollie Jackson (1).

Fastest raceRound 7 at Thruxton, won by Sam Hancock at an average speed of 109.82mph.

Fastest lapSet in round 7 at Thruxton by Michael Caine at an average speed of 111.64mph.

Longest raceRound 1 at Brands Hatch, with a race time of 30m40.877s.

Smallest winning margin0.286s between Tim Harvey and Tim Bridgman in round 12 at Snetterton.In seven races, the winning margin was less than 1 second.

Biggest winning margin6.688s between Tim Bridgman and Tim Harvey in round 4 at Rockingham.

Youngest driverGlynn Geddie was 17 years and 343 days old when he raced in round 9 at Croft.

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